What's interesting today

Simmons GSLIS: Cloonan To Step Down as GSLIS Dean
The dean of my graduate school has decided after a decade that it’s time to take a break. Thank you for making GSLIS an awesome place to become a librarian, Michèle!

American Libraries Next Steps: Broadcast Collaboration
A quick look inside the library at NPR. Did you know their librarians are embedded throughout the journalistic and production staffs? And also that they are going all-digital in preparation for moving to a new building in 2013? Sounds like some very forward-thinking folks.

Avos: Last Call for Delicious Users: Transfer Your Bookmarks
If you haven’t already authorized this (or packed up and taken your bookmarks elsewhere) stop reading and click here to make sure your bookmarks are transferred when Delicious re-launches. It’s also probably not a bad idea to export them today or tomorrow so that you have them in hand if you don’t like the new look of the site. (The migration is apparently happening this weekend.)

Insatiable Booksluts: Banned Books Week: What Subversives Are You Reading?
Despite the brevity of this post, the author is able to succinctly make several interesting points about the overall makeup of the books that show up on our banned lists, and why they’re being challenged. It is also a nice reminder that librarians do a lot more than shelve books and help you find journal articles, as a profession we are also dedicated to protecting your right to read whatever the heck you want. In a librarian’s perfect world, people offended by books would simply choose not to read them, and to prevent their children from reading them, thus leaving the rest of us free to bask in whatever “filth” or “smut” we so desire. Anyway, Banned Books Week starts on Saturday, so go head and pick up something to read! Try Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley, or The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian, a young adult book by Sherman Alexie (and certainly one of those that is also resonant for adults).

American Libraries: ACRL Invites Applicants for Immersion ’12 Program
If you’re an instruction librarian, please start figuring out how to get yourself to Immersion. I’ve never been (not for lack of trying) but from everything I’ve heard from GSLIS classmates who have attended, it is amazingly helpful in developing as a teacher.