IL 2011: Mobile Trends

Major Upcoming Mobile Trends & Location Applications
Originally Jolie O’Dell, then changed to Jenn Van Grove, both from Jenn canceled at the last minute. Stepping in for her is Joe Murphy (@libraryfuture).

This was kind of a weird session, most likely as a result of the last-minute change of speaker. Sort of just a laundry list of what’s happening in apps and mobile. My attention kept drifting off.

Important new trend — photo sharing apps. Visual element supports the conversation.

Role of location itself is still a “fundamental element” in what’s coming next. Proximity is important — add a location to what you’re doing/thinking.

Concept of “checking in”  has changed from location-only to other stuff. GetGlue lets you check into entertainment content. Foodspotting – combines a lot of what’s going on. Adds a visual element, uses images as a way to browse, allows you to check into location & food item.

AT&T Toggle: Android app that allows you to use the same device for work and personal life. Controls what’s allowed between business & personal mode – manages security needed for enterprise use.

iPhone iPhone iPhone – Siri voice recognition app. “Find my Friends” app locates your friends via their devices. Opt in.

Gowalla – was Foursquare’s main competitor but couldn’t keep up. Redesigned what they do – emphasis on travel, stories.

Amazon: netflix-like streaming subscription model

near-field communication — like RFID, tiny bit of info going a tiny distance.