IL2011: Instruction Goes Viral

Instruction Goes Viral With Videos
Alison Steinberg Gurganus, San Diego Mesa College and Amy Thornley, Miami of Ohio

Best practices! Started off showing a few videos:

“If you put up a bad video, you might as well not put up a video at all.” Showed some examples of ineffective videos. One unscripted; Second with heavy metal background music and too closely zoomed in; Third with bad sound quality.


  • 1-5 minutes max.
  • Get used to your software so you can do everything you need to do at once.
  • To script or not to script? Will you sound like a robot if you read from it? If you don’t will you say weird things, miss important things, um um um?
  • Rehearse out loud either way
  • Expect you’ll want to re-record – watch it critically, have others watch it, listen to their response
  • Decide when it’s good enough – time to stop tweaking and start editing.
  • Edit! Intro, outro, music at start and end. Closed captioning – DO IT! Not just for hard of hearing folks, sometimes people can watch something but can’t listen (ref desk, etc.)
  • Get it online – where will you put it?
  • Market it! People need to know it’s there.

Webpages: Berkely listing – tells you how long it is, if it’s new, have them categorized by topic. San Diego State has you work through several subheadings to get to tutorials. Brown has them hidden under “About.”

LibGuides: Countway Library has them on their LibGuides in a box. Another has them embedded directly in the guide.

CMS: Cornell librarian built a combo of BB tests and YouTube videos to embed into a course. Personalizes it while saving some time.

Where to find tutorials: Primo, ANTS, LOEX, Merlot.

Amy (@amytthornley)
Class in Interactive Media Studies department. Consume, create, parse information.

We know that learning happens best in real life. Research on situated learning backs this up.

Project (example: Movin’ Like Bernie – Doggy Style):

  • Had to create a video with intention of viral views.
  • Website to promote
  • Marketing strategy based on target demographic
  • Social media & web to promote based on strategy
  • Submit progress reports every 2 weeks
  • Cumulative project report & presentation judged by industry experts

Did address a variety of standards from ACRL IL Standards, 21st Century Skills in IL

Three parts to the project – info creation, info dissemination, marketing research. Can ditch creation and use existing stuff to explore dissemination, marketing research. Or give them demographics and tell them to find something that fits.