What was interesting on Nov. 3

Oops, just noticed this draft!

GigaOM: Looks Like Congress Has Declared War on the Internet
Bills working through the House and Senate right now would give the government and copyright holders the power to remove sites from the internet – with “little or no requirement for a court hearing.” Guilty until proven innocent! What could go wrong? The EFF also has some information on this, and a quick and easy way for you to contact your legislators. Please do.

the understatment: Android Orphans: Visualizing a Sad History of Support
An interesting chart that visualizes fragmentation and lack of updates on Android phones. I think every Android user at some point has a phone that underscores this problem. I like and use Android but when I had my old phone even I wondered why I hadn’t just gotten an iPhone.

LA Times Jacket Copy: Do you want a smart book?
Super interesting concept – this book is being released with an RFID chip that quickly connects smartphone users to its website. However as this article points out, it’s really too bad it’s just a marketing website and not meatier content. Anyway I think this is an interesting concept – think of the possibilities for books that rely more on charts, or books int eh field of communication or film. How simple it would be to tap your phone against the cover and immediately go watch that clip that was just analyzed in chapter 3?

Academic Librarian: Ebrary Ebook Downloads: The First Time
I’m glad to see an academic ebook platform that’s doing this. Adobe Digital Editions is incredibly clunky and difficult to set up (when tech-savvy, motivated readers run into problems you know you’re in trouble) but this is better than the previous “nothing.”

The Food Librarian: I Like Big Bundts
This is awesome.

Librarian in Black: The Creepy Librarian Stalker Hypothesis
Librarians harassing other librarians. WTF?! Also, this cool project was mentioned in the comments: The Open Source Women Back Each Other Up Project & Gentleman’s Auxiliary. This was started as a way to encourage women who observe other women being harassed at cons to step in and try to help.