What's interesting today

Hopefully nothing too interesting happened in the last couple of weeks, as I’ve been a bit out of the loop, professionally (feel free to highlight anything you think I might have missed but would want to see). Today I caught up a little bit, though.

Librarian in Black: OverDrive Has Different eBook Catalogs for Different Libraries
This apparently has to do with whether or not you allow people who reside outside of your primary geographic area to get library cards. And in response, The Analog Divide reminds us that it’s not just OverDrive making these types of distinctions when negotiating licenses with libraries.

Intellectual Affairs: Guerrilla Librarians in Our Midst
I don’t think that a lot of people realize it, but as McLemee notes, we take the ideal of access to information for everyone very seriously, and in the last few years it’s getting more and more difficult to uphold that: “If knowledge is power, then expensive databases, fewer books, and shorter library hours add up to growing intellectual disenfranchisement.” This was written within a framework of discussion about the Occupy libraries (and is a bit old – it was written prior to the police raid that destroyed the original one in Zucotti Park), but has a broader focus.