December reads & annual wrap up

I read or listened to a total of 41 books this year. So while I technically met my goal of reading more (I read 40 last year) that wasn’t quite what I had intended – it’s still down from 2009 (63) and 2008 (73). I finished the most in August (7) and the least in September (1). The averages work out to 3.5 per month.

The selection of ebooks available through Overdrive has definitely been improving, and I also started reading books from Net Galley, which is a service where publishers can provide galleys or reviewer’s copies in ebook format. The books aren’t always optimized for e-reading yet, but it’s a great way to read things before they come out and also just get more content. I find I really prefer to read on my nook, in part because of my commute – it’s lighter and easier to carry than most of what I read. This is borne out by the numbers – I read four times more ebooks this year than last. It definitely felt like I was reading a lot more once I changed jobs and started taking the train, and the numbers bear that out. I started the job at the tail end of June, and July – December I averaged one more book a month than I read in January – June.

Five-star reviews: Don’t Breathe a Word; Emily, Alone; Mrs. Dalloway (a re-read); Songs for the Missing; and The Kitchen House (audiobook).

Additional breakdowns by type (there is overlap here). Also I’m feeling lazy so this might not be entirely accurate:

  • 2 audiobooks
  • 24 ebooks
  • 13 for bookclubs
  • 33 works of fiction
  • 2 books of short stories
  • 7 works of nonfiction
  • 1 I didn’t finish