The last few days I’ve felt compelled to do some kind of 2011 wrap-up post, but at the same time I didn’t want it to be a long, rambly rehash. I started off with a few random statistics, and then I saw a couple of people post list-style updates. Seemed like a good idea. So, without further ado:

Bouts Officiated: 21 (5 expos, 8 regulation, 7 sanctioned, and one Men’s Roller Derby Association bout)

Zipcar Rentals: 11

Trips to Target: 11 (5 of which were in the last two months of the year, oy)

Amazon.com Orders: 28

Foursquare Badges Unlocked or Leveled Up: 22

Dailymile Workouts: 76

Albums Purchased: 14, plus a few stray singles

January: Kicked off the year at Bill & Andrea’s housewarming party! But January was rough at work, prompting me to start seeing Heather the Therapist.

February: Had several doctor’s appointments to diagnose my back pain, as much as this is really even possible. Told to get off my butt and work on my core strength. At the end of the month I was unfortunately reminded that boys are dumb.

March: Signed up for the gym at Loyola and met with the personal trainer. Bombed a phone interview. Left for ACRL Philadelphia at the end of the month and had a blast. Ate at Amada and Chifa with Danielle. (Died, Heaven, etc.) Year of the (Giant) Babies began with the arrival of Sam OG.

April: Visited Philly friends and family after ACRL wrapped up. Helped Tracie & Kevin move into their new house! Turned 31 and saw a taping of Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me at the Meyerhoff.

May: Started off the month with a job interview. Attended and presented at the Maryland Library Association conference, which I also helped to plan. Helped Bryan and Sarah move their townhouse into two Pods. Received and accepted a job offer. Welcomed Jack HMS!

June: Saw the Baltimore Rock Opera Society perform. Got hailed on (!) at Merriweather Post Pavilion during the Mumford & Sons show. Helped Sarah & Pete move into a new apartment. Spent 11 days traveling around London, Dublin and Edinburgh with Mom. Started an amazing new job!

July: Gave a presentation at Salisbury University with Bill. Saw Fluid Movement’s summer water ballet. Sweated.

August: Saw Guster perform at Pier 6 Pavilion and took a speedboat cruise around the Inner Harbor. Hurricane Irene power outage. DC Earthquake. (Wait, what?)

September: Attended Nightmare on 95, the 2011 WFTDA Eastern Region Playoffs. Helped plan a baby shower.

October: Co-hosted aforementioned baby shower. Also planned a program for ACRL MD, which featured Steven Bell. Attended Internet Librarian in Monterey, CA, and got to see one of my aunts while I was there. Went to Austin, TX, with friends for a vacation/wedding celebration. Oh, and in the midst of all of that, I moved into a new apartment with the help of what felt like pretty much every non-roller derby person I know in Baltimore. (Thank you all again!)

November: Took a quick trip to NYC. Saw some friends and a an exhibit about Jim Henson. Went to Philly for Thanksgiving and saw friends & family. Ate turducken and cherpumple with Bill & Andrea & many librarians. Saw They Might Be Giants and Jonathan Coulton at the 9:30 Club.

December: Jury duty isn’t normally worth mentioning, except I got seated on a trial. Eight stressful days later it was over. (Not guilty on all 19 counts.) Saw the Moscow Ballet perform The Nutcracker at the Lyric. Got a cold. Traveled home to MA for Christmas.