Brave New World Menu

So, your book club is discussing Brave New World, and you need to provide a spread of appropriately themed food. What do you serve? Try this:

  • Tortillas and Sweet Corn from the New Mexican Reservation (chips & roasted corn salsa)
  • Avocado Substitute Spread (guacamole)
  • Vitaminized Chicken Surrogate Pockets (frozen chicken empanadas)
  • Vitamin A Pate (Black Bean Pate, which was oddly bland, I thought)
  • Carotene Sandwiches (Moroccan Carrot and Goat Cheese Sandwiches)
  • Champagne Substitute (sparkling lemonade and sparkling blood orange soda, vodka optional)
  • Chocolate Eclairs with Calcium Pudding (frozen chocolate eclairs)
  • Pan Glandular Petits Beurre with Chocolate Substitute (Le Petite Ecolier cookies)
  • Caffeine Solution (tea, coffee)

Other options include magnesium salted nuts and raspberry soma sundaes. Depending on your group, you could also offer tequila shots in place of the mescal they drink on the reservation.

Everything except the guacamole and empanadas are things they actually mention in the book. If I’d had more time, I would have made the empanadas and sourced the eclairs from somewhere other than the frozen section of my Safeway. But at the same time, it seems appropriate to serve some processed food with this menu. I do like how this menu captures the types of things they were probably eating at the New Mexican Reservation, and also the sorts of things that would be served in the civilized world – it’s a nice balance.