Right Now

Stolen from Olivia.

Making: A scarf, which I really need to hurry up and finish.
Cooking: Spicy Tex-Mexy stuff lately.
Drinking: Weak chai, ugh. I’ve been spoiled by high-quality tea.
Reading: The January 23rd issue of The New Yorker.
Wanting: Spring. Sunlight.
Looking: Like maybe my tummy is a little smaller these days?
Playing: Scrabble or Words with Friends against Danielle, Darius, Sarah and Jenny.
Wasting: Time I could be using to do something more important . . . like knit on that scarf.
Sewing: Summer pajamas and a quilt.
Wishing: That I could go to ECDX this year. (See you at ALA, librarians.)
Enjoying: How Laura posted a recipe for Cauliflower Puttanesca, and the next day Serious Eats did the same.
Waiting: For the (second) invitation to my cousin’s wedding to arrive.
Liking: That I’m going to drink a bottle of Ovila Saison this weekend. And hopefully some Belgians at Max’s.
Wondering: If Ashley’s Marc Jacobs dress will fit me.
Loving: That bright pink sweater I got at Banana Republic and wear all. the. time.
Hoping: That the cost of the return leg of the flight for the aforementioned wedding will magically come down in the next week.
Marveling: At how Baltimore is supposedly a great place to be single? Almost everyone I know is married or in a long term relationship!
Needing: To turn on the heat but I’ll be damned if that’s going to happen!
Smelling: Smelly cat, smelly cat . . .
Wearing: My Simmons hoodie, with the hood up.
Following: Battery Operated and Allie B. Back on Twitter. Is this all I needed to do to feel more connected to my league? Tweet with skaters? Who knew.
Noticing: That it seems like I need to do some maintenance on this Mac.
Knowing: That eventually I am going to have to figure out whatever it is I need to do with PHP and my webhost so I can upgrade my WordPress installation.
Thinking: About starting to figure out preliminary plans for my Seattle trip this May!
Bookmarking: That’s classified. (Get your mind out of the gutter.)
Opening: Hips and lower back in multiple yoga classes every week.
Giggling: Over the second question in this week’s Ask A Dude.