What's interesting today

The New York Times Magazine: How Companies Learn Your Secrets
A fascinating look at habits. The psychology is framed with a discussion about how Target has learned how to mine their data to identify the best possible time to get you to change your shopping habits in their favor.

Petition to Oppose HR 3699, The Research Works Act
Federally funded research shouldn’t be locked up behind publisher paywalls. Scientific American’s Doing Good Science blog has a quick, clear writeup on this. If you agree, please sign the White House petition linked above.

This is What a Librarian Looks Like
Inspired by This is What a Scientist Looks Like. I know all kinds of scientists and librarians who do cool stuff in their non-work lives, but I still enjoy looking at little tidbits of people’s lives, especially when the photo shows them doing some activity that’s unrelated to their professional life.