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Digital Shift: Librarians Feel Sticker Shock as Price for Random House Ebooks Rises as Much as 300 Percent
Random House has increased the price they charge libraries to purchase ebooks for lending. I could understand this if they were also changing their lending model such that more than one person at a time could use a single copy of the book. But it remains a “single-seat” model. Oh, and as David Lee King points out – libraries don’t actually OWN these books, and the price increase isn’t due to a change to an ownership model. I think that for most libraries, this price hike is ultimately going to mean fewer copies of popular titles available, and fewer ebooks purchased in general. I know the publishers need to make money to stay afloat, but do they really think this is the way to do it?

Unofficial SXSWi Primer for Rowdy Librarians
A quick take on how to make the most of SXSW. This includes some great general tips for any conference, and for any time when you need or want to try and strike up a conversation with someone. It seems so obvious but I rarely think to ask “so what brought you here?” which will really work in ANY situation.

The Hairpin: The Contraception “Debate”
This is a brief post on what’s been going on lately with the debate around contraception. I find it disheartening how conservatives (well, at least the loudest ones) seem to only see the issues around “separation of church and state” from one angle. I have no problem if someone chooses not to do something because of their religious beliefs.  But trying to impose those beliefs on others is where I draw the line. A few stray thoughts I’ve had in the last week or so as I continue to hear and think about this issue:

  • What do conservative women think and feel around this topic?
  • As far as the politicians involved are concerned, I keep thinking to myself “did they forget women got the vote?!”
  • Imagine what things might be like if our elected officials spent this much energy on something like job creation.
  • Would we be having this discussion if men could get pregnant?

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  1. re: SXSW you forgot that this year’s torrent of FREE mp3s is online! ~4.5 GB of free music how is that not interesting?

    (Baltimore folks w/ poor internet (i.e. Comcast which hates torrents) comment here and I’ll bring you a DVD at happy hour)

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