What's interesting today

More like “What Was Interesting Yesterday.” I had time to collect these links but that was it.

The Digital Shift: Large California Consortium Joins Movement Toward Library EBook Ownership
A system in California is among the first libraries and consortia to invest in the hardware infrastructure necessary to purchase and lend ebooks, rather than lease and lend, which is the (current) primary model. There’s also some info about a very smart publishing house that’s signed on with libraries doing this. I hope that this winds up working well, and that the Big Six follow suit. If nothing else this is going to expose this publisher’s catalog to a lot of people who might otherwise not come across their books. I know for myself, if I just really want an ebook or two to read for a trip, I’ll search for a few things on my to-read list but once that gets tiresome because it’s not available, I’ll just start browsing the system for anything that sounds interesting.

New Rambler: How do we explain patron privacy in a world of target markets?
She’s right, people are surprised that this is our standard operating procedure. When someone discovers this it’s a great opportunity to mention that we do things this way because we believe in intellectual freedom, and a good part of that is your right to read whatever the hell you want without worrying about Big Brother or a relative finding out about it. That said, libraries can and should be doing a lot of this stuff. The trick is to do it on an opt-in basis. Opt in to have us save your borrowing history, pick up your partner’s books, and send you information about things you might be interested in.

But then again. . .
Wall Street Journal: Stores Smarten Up Amid Spam Flood
There’s a limit to the usefulness of this kind of thing. I have unsubscribed from email lists of more than one company that I have shopped at due solely to the sheer volume of email they send. I want to know about your sales but you do not need to remind me of your existence every day.

New Media Consortium: NMC Horizon Connect Session > Howard Rheingold is Net Smart
Free webinar coming up next week, hopefully it will be an interesting discussion of how new/digital/social technology is affecting our lives.

Brainstorm: Plumbers Need Postsecondary Education, Too
Very true, and it’s too bad that this type of education gets lost a lot of the time. Not everyone wants to go the traditional four-years route, and not everyone should.

Wired Campus: TED, Known for Idea Talks, Releases Educational Videos
This is a very cool initiative! Take a few minutes to watch that promo video.