What's interesting today

Library Journal: Statistical Abstract Saved by ProQuest and Bernan Press
While it’s very, very good news that the Statistical Abstract won’t completely disappear now that the government has pulled the funding plug, as the author states at the end – it’s sad that was used to be a free online resource is now going to be tied up behind a paywall. And this will do no good for libraries who can’t afford the subscription.

New Media Consortium: NMC Horizon Connect Session > Howard Rheingold is Net Smart
I attended this free webinar today, and it was a great presentation (not just because I won Rheingold’s newest book, Net Smart, which will be released tomorrow). In the presentation, he outlined five literacies that aren’t being taught in school much, if at all, and that he thinks people need in order to survive and thrive online: Attention, Participation, Collaboration, Crap Detection, and Network Awareness. I’ve got some notes from this that I’ve posted under separate cover, but if you’d rather just watch it yourself the recording is here, it uses Adobe Connect. I believe they also said they will get it up on their iTunes U site.