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The Ubiquitous Librarian: How do we want students to feel about the library?
Mathews makes an interesting point that had never occurred to me before, even when I was working as a marketing/outreach librarian – once students make up their mind about how they feel about a place, that’s really hard to change. And that starts before they get to campus. As we all know, if you have one or two bad or uncomfortable experiences at a place you can choose to avoid, it takes a big push to give them another chance. (If your campus tour guide isn’t allowed to bring your group in, and this is communicated by the security person yelling at the group – yes, this happened at my library – are you really going to go back there as a nervous freshman? I think not.) The other thing is that students don’t care that we can show them how to research better – I feel like I’m constantly reading articles and reports where students surveyed ranked their ability to find stuff way higher than it actually was. It’ll vary on every campus, but we need to position ourselves in a new way to get them in the door. Once they’re there, if we make it easy for them to figure out how to get help if they’re confused, so much the better.

New York Public Library Milstein Suspense Trailer
Cute video from the NYPL, highlighting their history & genealogy collections. Very high production values!

Peer to Peer Review: Authentic Librarianship and the Question of Service
A great post that explores customer service in libraries from a slightly different angle than I usually see. This is a good thing to discuss. Thanks to my classmate Laura for bringing this to my attention.