What's interesting today

Library Journal: EBSCO Releases Ebook Academic Subscription Collection
I’m sure I glossed over this when the information was released in early March, but I just read the print version of this blurb in the 4/1 issue of Library Journal and I’m highlighting it here for one reason: “. . . each title is offered with unlimited, simultaneous users.” This is important and I’m glad to see a publisher like EBSCO embracing this model. As the rep states, students don’t get it when an ebook is “checked out.” (And honestly, I understand the hows and whys of this and even I am annoyed that the waiting lists for ebooks are so stupidly long, it’s dumb.)

The Note On My Door: Counterintuitive digital media assignments
A post from a professor teaching a digital media class, who made his students do an assignment where they had to find a something that didn’t exist digitally. Librarian reactions are pretty much right on target, but I’m glad to see that the students found value in the assignment. Interestingly, this may get more and more difficult as libraries jettison unused print holdings or send them to off-site storage.