The Month in Books: April

As always, links go to my reviews on Goodreads.

I read every single one of these as an ebook, so you can imagine how frustrating it has been to have my ereader on the fritz. I’ve had a nook since they first came out – in fact the one I have is referred to as the “1st Edition” and is no longer available for sale. I’m actually on my second one as my original developed a crack along the frame. With this most recent problem, the device was spontaneously unregistering itself, losing all of the non-B&N content, losing the firmware updates, having problems with corrupted files after re-downloading B&N content, and on and on. (And yet somehow it still maintained the password for my home wifi network.) This happened twice in the span of a week, so I called customer service and much to my delight, a new nook Simple Touch is on its way out to me, free of charge. Apparently when I got my initial replacement, which was reconditioned, it came with a 2-year warranty, and by some small miracle I was still within it by about two weeks. Yeah!