Travel Diary: Seattle I

I visited Seattle for the Medical Library Association Conference, and then for vacaction. I didn’t wind up seeing much of the conference but hey, that’s life. It’s one we go to every year so I’m sure I’ll be back! This post is focused on the conference aspect, though that is admittedly a difficult line to draw.

Slept at: While my employer would have paid for me to stay at either of the two conference hotels, the conference room rates seemed high and so I poked around online to see if I could find something nice that was a bit less expensive, and I found The Paramount. What a fabulous hotel! The room was very comfortable and well-appointed and the staff was friendly and welcoming. (Although this seems to be a universal trait in Seattle.) It’s just one block from the Convention Center, and is located at the edge of the very swanky downtown shopping district, and easily walkable to the awesome Capitol Hill neighborhood, which you’ll hear more about later. If you like to walk, this would be a great option for a visit to Seattle as it really wasn’t all that far to the waterfront and Pike Place Market.

Ate at: During the conference portion of the trip, I wound up eating in the hotel restaurant, Dragonfish, a lot more than I normally would have, in part because my supervisor had received free breakfast vouchers for the two of us. The breakfast was fine, but the menu is a bit limited, at least if you’re going to be eating there regularly. I also ended up eating there for dinner one night, and ordered off the happy hour menu. It may have been Monday night, but I found it a little disconcerting that an Asian restaurant was out of tofu, and that the sushi, which made up a good portion of their menu, seemed poorly rolled.

I ate breakfast next door at Urbane one morning, which was lovely, and had a bit more on the menu. (Read: I could get oatmeal.) We also ate a breakfast at The Daily Grill, which was pretty good.

I had dinner one night at The Taphouse Grill, where I enjoyed an a sampler of four beers (here’s a photo), and an amazing scoop of coconut banana cheesecake ice cream from Olympic Mountain Ice Cream, which only sells to restaurants.

I stopped in at Bar Ferd’nand and Pike Brewing Company with a friend, and had a drink with her at Wild Ginger while she waited for takeout. (This was the night I wound up eating at the hotel restaurant, as I couldn’t get ahold of my dinner companion.)

There will be more to come on the trip once I get my photos up!


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