Friday Favorites

Idea stolen from Laura, who has too many blogs for her own good. Just another thing to help me post a little more frequently.

Doing what she does best . . .

This week one of my favorites has to be my friends Catherine & Sean. They were watching Escape Cat, shown here in fine form, while I was away last week. Naturally, as soon as I left she busted out of the building. . . and luckily was rescued by a neighbor who recognized her. Catherine & Sean came by to check on her and instead found a note about where they could find her, and they went and got her back. We won’t talk about her behavior for the rest of the week. Let’s just say she’s going to be boarded the next time I go out of town.

Another favorite? That I am DONE with Anna Karenina, which was the pick for book club this Sunday. This was actually a re-read for me, and now I sort of get why I really didn’t remember anything about it. I probably wasn’t paying attention for most of it. I was mentally done with it about halfway through, soldiered on, took a break and read two other books, and then came back and finally managed to finish it off. Serially written works are not all they are cracked up to be for the modern reader.

We’ll end on a more positive note, with the tiny and impromptu gathering that some friends had at their house on Monday. They’ve got a pool, and the weather was perfect for it. We floated around, drank a little beer, ate a little pizza, and had a fun time. I think I managed to forget to get sunscreen on my chest, and so I now have a very dramatic, plunging (and faint) tan line from those couple of hours. But my red & white polka dot bathing suit is super cute!

Back to your regularly scheduled Seattle trip updates tomorrow!

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  1. Ugh, I felt the same way with my Vanity Fair experience. It was a slog. There was so much unnecessary detail that totally took away from the actual story. Blech. So glad to finally be done with that one. Honestly, it’s not a truly terrible book and I found parts of it actually moving, but…a serious slog.

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