Friday Favorites

A day late, but I had an unexpectedly full evening yesterday!

In Baltimore, the second Friday of the month is Librarian’s Happy Hour. We meet at Howard’s of Mount Vernon, where the staff are super awesome and accommodating. They have a back room and as long as it’s not been rented out for an event, we just take over, rearrange tables and have it all to ourselves. They’re at the point where if they see a couple of us on a Friday, they bring a stack of plates and flatware back to those tables. Once or twice we’ve even arrived to find the tables all set for us. They have a nice long happy hour, which means you can get drinks and dinner pretty cheap if you’re willing to order off of their appetizer menu. Because they’re so great I always tip really well. Online reviews seem to indicate that a lot of people have trouble with the service when going there for a meal. Can’t speak to that but we have found it to be a great spot for our happy hour.

Yesterday afternoon, my friend Heather invited me to join her for opening night of Foot of Water at Single Carrot Theatre, so she met me at happy hour and then we headed out for that. Single Carrot is a tiny ensemble theatre company that really pushes the envelope. They stage weird and wonderful plays that are truly thought-provoking, and often have many layers to peel back. I’ve seen several of their productions, and while I often find that the descriptions aren’t particularly compelling, it is always, always, always worth going. Foot of Water is a play written by the ensemble that looks at the “sociology of sex” and of ritual. It was intense, weird, somewhat uncomfortable and I’m very glad I went. (Also there’s a really cool set.) We also attended the opening night reception, where we enjoyed some drinks and pizza from Joe Squared. Heather did the costuming for the show, so I got to meet the entire cast, who were all very friendly and seemed great. I really encourage you to go see a production there, and if you can, go on a night when they’re having a post-show reception so you can talk to the cast.