Right Now: New Apartment Edition

Still stolen from Olivia.

Making: Plans for parties and gatherings I’ll soon be hosting!
Cooking: Not tonight, but I have a ton of counter space in the new kitchen. (Not to mention the cabinets!)
Drinking: The wine I brought back from Seattle, even though I have a ton of beer.
Reading: A couple of issues of The New Yorker that have all kinds of great Olympics-related writing.
Wanting: A proper outdoor table & chairs. A coffee table. A desk & chair. A side table for the entry way. A couch or loveseat.
Looking: At this.
Playing: Soon enough I’ll be playing Bananagrams with you, at my place. Oh, and Apples to Apples and eventually Zombie Dice.
Wasting: There’s no recycling in this building, because the city says they don’t have enough trucks for the multifamily dwelling recycling program.
Sewing: Who knows what’s next, I didn’t sew half of what I meant to this summer. (Who’s surprised?)
Wishing: At this very moment? Not for anything.
Enjoying: Fancy cheese friends brought back for me from Colorado.
Waiting: The only things I’m waiting for are things I can do something about.
Liking: How open and airy this space is.
Wondering: When my back will be back to normal.
Loving: My new balcony! Where I am sitting right now. Duh.
Hoping: To be in this apartment for a long while.
Marveling: At the life I have made for myself. It’s a pretty good one. (Now! With a great view!)
Needing: To go to Target. I only went twice last weekend!
Smelling: Nothing much at the moment.
Wearing: My Providence Roller Derby shirt.
Noticing: That the breeze just blew my candle out.
Knowing: That I have to go back to the old place and at least do a little cleaning tomorrow.
Thinking: About how to use all these plastic bins purchased for my old place.
Bookmarking: All sorts of organizing and decor ideas on pinterest.
Opening: Boxes upon boxes.
Giggling: About cute Olympic swimmers with my BFF, via email. (We hope you will join us for our platonic life partner commitment ceremony in NOLA next year.)
The central air off and on, as needed!


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