Trip Diary: Dewey Beach

A couple of weekends ago, I went away to Dewey Beach, Delaware, with three friends. We have traveled together before and have had a lot of fun, and realized that if we were going to have a trip any time soon, it had to be now as one of our quartet is pregnant. So, Darra, Danielle, Tracie, Baby U and I all headed out to the shore for a long weekend, leaving Thursday night and returning on Sunday. It was the perfect off-season weekend. The weather was warm enough to sit out on the beach for a while on Saturday, but the crowds were gone. Dewey Beach is pretty quiet (which was fine by us) but also very close to Rehoboth Beach, which has a lot more stuff to do. 

Slept At: We rented a two bedroom, two bathroom condo in Dewey Beach. This particular place could sleep up to 7 or 8, but you’d have half the group in the living room. The place was pretty much fully equipped, which was  mildly annoying as we’d been told to bring sheets, towels, blankets and pillows, all of which were there. (Had we not had all that stuff, we might have managed to fit in one car.) Anyway the condo was great, very nice and clean and comfortable, and was recommended to us by a friend of Danielle’s.

Ate At: We ate together semi-locally on Thursday night before hitting the road, and Friday morning managed to find the Crystal Restaurant in Rehoboth, which was delicious. Classic diner breakfast done very nicely! We didn’t really  have lunch but instead made a snack of crackers and cheese, some of which we’d brought with us, and some of which we’d gotten at the grocery store.

Friday night was our night out, and we wound up at Shorebreak Lodge. It’s one of those wonderful restaurants that’s very casual and laid back – but the food was amazing. They’ve got a smallish covered patio, which we had to ourselves on a lovely mild, early fall night. We specifically skipped dessert there so we could walk back over to The Ice Cream Store, which has an overwhelming number of flavors, even after you limit it to theo homemade portion of the menu. The flavors are inventive and very unusual – Tracie and Danielle both got one called This Ish The Stuff, which had some very long list of every delicious thing you can put in ice cream (caramel, oreos, etc) and which they quite enjoyed. I tried the Beer Ice Cream, which is a base of cappucino ice cream with Dogfish Head’s Indian Brown Ale. It was very complex and I thought pretty well balanced. I liked it and may try to recreate it.

Saturday and Sunday we ate breakfast in – I brought my waffle iron and the requisite supplies. Saturday we had lunch at Big Fish Grill, probably because Darra suggested it continuously. Don’t let a full parking lot deter  you – the place is quite large and there must be more parking around back, because we got what looked like one of the last spots, but there were plenty of tables. The staff were very friendly and swapped out a mis-ordered salad without a second thought. I had the fish tacos, which were good but could have been a little more tex-mexy for my taste.

Saturday night we ate in, with a pretty classic pasta dinner and a pie from Pasqualini’s. This bakery is across a side street from Crystal Restaurant, which you would think would mean we found it by seeing a sign when leaving the restaurant. No, someone found it by searching their phone while we were in the car after leaving the grocery store.

Out and About: We were there mostly to relax. Friday and Saturday we spent some time on the beach – the surf was pretty rough with a strong undertow, but I still went in for a dip on Saturday (and of course later spent like 10 minutes trying to fish pebbles out of my bathing suit) and Danielle took two nice long walks. Friday night we went to a drag show at Blue Moon, which was totally fun (even though I felt like the awkward straight friend). I had never been to a drag show before – but we had a great time. I even managed to avert my gaze from the super cute shirtless cocktail waiters.

Saturday we went outlet shopping in the morning, where I fleshed out my convention wardrobe a bit more with some great finds at J Crew. After dinner we played Cranium, which I admit to not having been super enthused about when we were setting it up, but I did enjoy it. I think I’d only played with large groups of strangers, and so playing with a smaller group of people I knew was more fun, at least for me. Darra and I played as Team Drunk and put up a good fight, though we of course lost to Team Sober. However, we did win for funny answers – at one point I sculpted a frying pan out of clay and Darra had to guess what it was. During her free-association she said “Trojan Horse!” and we all cracked up into hysterics.

Anyway, it was a great time and got my wheels turning about doing this again in the future. Next time I think I might suggest that we each take responsibility for a meal and bring all the stuff required (or be prepared to purchase it) but that being said our method of “figure it out when we get there” did work out pretty well in the end.

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