Recent Recipes

Bean, Bacon and Butternut Squash Soup
The bacon adds an amazing layer of flavor to this.

Blue Apple Jam with Fennel and Bay
A recent canning project. This is a blueberry and apple jam infused with peppercorns, fennel and bay leaves. Very sophisticated addition to a cheese board.

Roasted Acorn Squash with Wild Rice Stuffing
I skipped the brown sugar and roasted the squash plain, and omitted the celery but only because I didn’t already have some on hand. Very yummy.

Orzo with Caramelized Fall Vegetables and Orzo
It seems a little odd, but the flavor combination here works beautifully and this went over well at a party I brought it to. (Would also be a great lunch – maybe add some beans?) Now, in the photos, the author is cooking this in an absurdly large pan. I did the best I could with one of my pans, but next time I’ll use two – one for the sweet potatoes, and the other for the onion mix – and then bring them all together once they’re all browned and caramelized. (I skipped the mushrooms because I don’t like them, but as they aren’t getting browned here I don’t think it matters which pan they go in – I’d add them to the sweet potatoes once those looked just about done.)

Curried Chicken Salad
I checked a couple of my cookbooks before turning to epicurious, and this recipe from Gourmet. It is very, very good. I omitted the mango and cashews.

Potato, Squash & Goat Cheese Gratin
This was one of those dishes that sounds amazing, but in the end  was disappointing. I wanted to do a squash & potato gratin (like this one) but wanted it to be lighter since I knew there was going to be a lot of other food at the shower I made this for. So, I used the cheese/sauce prep from this recipe, doubled. But it just didn’t work. Somehow there was not much flavor to it, the potatoes didn’t seem to be *quite* cooked through all the way (this despite a ton of extra time in the oven), and to top it off some of them blackened during cooking. (I looked this up and learned that it is basically a chemical reaction and while unappetizing, everything is perfectly safe to eat.) Oh well.