Goals for 2013

I’ve never been much of one for making resolutions, but I do have a few goals for 2013. In the spirit of accountability via peer pressure, and in no particular order, here’s what I’m going to try to do in 2013. To keep track of things, I’ve added a page here.

Read 70 books. This should be pretty easy! I read 64 in 2012, so this is a modest increase and works out to just shy of 6 books per month, or 1.3 per week.

Do more yoga and pilates. In 2012 I averaged just over 2 workouts a week, or about 9 per month. But through July, I was doing more than the year’s average – things significantly dropped off in August, when I started having some strange neck and shoulder pain, and the carpal tunnel started to make itself known. I was back up to more like normal in September, but then things were way down in October, as the combination of aches and pains and dark mornings kept me away from most of my classes. I started trying to get back into my good habits in November and December, but it was hard with the disruption of the holidays. I knew that these workouts were good for my back, but that was really brought home in the last quarter of the year, when my back pain started to come back. In 2013 I’m going to set a goal of attending at least 30 classes per quarter. This will be a short enough time period to track (as opposed to a full year) but is long enough that it should enable me to still meet that goal in months when I’m traveling.

Cook from my cookbooks. This might not seem like much of a goal, but I have a lot of great cookbooks and I should use them more! It’s easy to quickly find a recipe by searching my bookmarks or turning to Google, but I have been trying to get in the habit of checking my cookbooks first when I’m looking for something in particular, and I’ve found some great dishes that way. This year I’d like to make a point of making two recipes from my cookbooks each month.