Recent Recipes – Internet Edition

Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread
I wanted to have some sandwich bread on hand and had recently come across this recipe, so I thought I’d try it. It came out quite well, though one of the loaves didn’t rise as much as the other. Not sure if I didn’t quite get the dough divided in half properly or if it was in forming the loaf, but either way this tastes quite good.

Green Goddess Grilled Cheese Sandwich
This I made mainly because I had a lot of fresh herbs leftover from the ranch dressing, and it’s pretty good. The spread is pretty garlicky, so it doesn’t take a lot to get a nice flavor on the sandwich.

Flatbreads with Goat Cheese, Caramelized Onions, and Basil
I skipped the basil since it’s out of season, but this is a delicious light meal and would be a nice addition to the spread at a small party. You can make the onions ahead of time as they keep well in the fridge.

Ultimate Cheater Pulled Pork
Made for a party, using a bone-in pork shoulder, as according to the internet that would work and it was on sale. Super easy to put together, and quite delicious.

Roasted Apple Spice Sheet Cake
Another easy and delicious recipe from Smitten Kitchen. I made just one layer, and even that was a lot of cake – the cake, when baked, totally filled my 9×13 pan. So if you have one that is a little small or a little low-sided, be careful! But, as expected, this was very delicious.

Buttermilk Quick Bread
Came together easily and baked up beautifully. I made a variation with half whole wheat and half all purpose flower. This is crumbly, so don’t expect to use it as toast or spread things on it easily.