Recent Recipes – Cookbooks Edition

Quick Tagine-Style Chicken with Couscous
This is from a tiny little Rachael Ray cookbook called Top 30 30-Minute Meals. I’ve made it before and it’s quite good – a very flavorful and easy dish to pull together, and it reheats great for lunch. I like the dried fruit in it.

Sesame-spiced turkey meatballs
Smashed chickpea salad with lemon and sumac

These two are both from the Smitten Kitchen Cookbook, where they’re paired together. They were a great meal for a family dinner night one Sunday with friends. Both came together pretty quickly, and the meatballs are stellar – something about the combination of flavors in them is very appealing. They have a great aroma and, as meatballs are wont to do, have held up beautifully for lunches. I would definitely make these again. The chickpea salad was also delicious. To complete the meal of round things, we also made roasted brussels sprouts with some balsamic vinegar.

Chocolate Chocolate Chip Bread
This is from The Bread Bible, which I haven’t cooked from in quite a while, though I have made this bread before. I made this in two small loaf pans, and actually shouldn’t have filled them as much as I did, as they baked over a little. Both loaves are actually in the freezer as the dinner I’d made them for wound up getting postponed.