Recent Recipes – Internet Edition

Summer Squash and White Bean Saute – Doesn’t sound like anything special, but the trick here is the vinegar at the end. Turns the whole thing into something utterly delicious. I had it over pasta because I didn’t have patience for brown rice. I did add some broccoli in, which in retrospect was not a good idea – it adds a bitterness to the dish that is out of place.

Spring Roll in a Bowl – I added some fried tofu for protein. I prepped everything except the noodles ahead of time and just assembled lunches individually throughout the week, worked out great. I made this peanut sauce from Bon Appetit to use with it, super yummy!

Thai Curry Vegetable and Tofu Soup – Yummy and pretty easy to put together. Even redeems snow peas that have been in your fridge a bit too long…ahem.

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie, Improved – The Gentleman Caller is very deliberately furthering his culinary skills this year, and made this recently. I sous cheffed and provided baking supplies and equipment. It was delicious and turned out beautifully. (Why did I think I didn’t like rhubarb?) It was also a reminder that for someone who’s willing to put in the time and effort, a well-written recipe is all you need. We’ve cooked together enough that he knows the place to go is Smitten Kitchen, which is where this is from. He also used Deb’s pie crust, no vodka. This was the part that really impressed me, the crust was amazing (though definitely best fresh out of the oven) and he did a phenomenal job working with the dough. I clearly need to get a bigger and better pie pan to encourage further baking of pies in my kitchen.

Buttermilk Biscuits – One of those recipes you pick because you have everything (or substitutions) on hand, and need something for your strawberries. I did these as drop biscuits because the dough was so wet, and they spread quite a bit. Not sure what happened there, but as I like to say – I’m a Yankee, I don’t know from biscuits.

Broccoli Arugula Soup – Delish, and a great way to use up broccoli and greens that have gotten a little wilty in your fridge. Great with a dollop of sour cream swirled in. As I recall I went a little heavy on the lemon, which was good.

Crunchy Pear and Celery Salad – Brought to a party recently. I thought this was quite yummy, and it was easy to throw together. I messed with it of course – extra celery (eight total stalks I believe, I started with five and then added more at the end until it looked OK to me), one big pink lady apple instead of pears, and untoasted walnuts. Yummy and light. Rather than dicing the cheese finely, I’d say to make it something more in line with the size of the apple/pear dice.

Zucchini Garlic Soup – Oh man, was this ever delicious. I had exactly 1.5 pounds of zucchini and I found that it did turn into a nice creamy texture. Make sure you use a good quality, flavorful stock for this. If you substitute water, you’re going to lose a lot of flavor, so just keep that in mind and perhaps throw in some other seasonings to make up for it. Anyway I will definitely make this again.