Recent Recipes – Internet Edition

Basil Oil – I didn’t follow this recipe quite exactly – I ended up cutting the oil down to 1 1/4 cups, mainly because of what I had available. This has proven to be quite delightful on salads and over sliced tomatoes. Great way to use up basil if you’re a bit overwhelmed with how much you’ve managed to grow. [ETA: You will want to refrigerate this so it doesn’t turn into a botulism farm.]

Spicy Zucchini Soup – Tasty, but I unthinkingly put in way too much bread, which thickened this too much. I added another two cups of water, which helped with the consistency, but of course this impacted the flavor. I added some salt and chipotle powder, which seemed to help, particularly as the soup sat – it definitely got spicier. Overall a pretty good soup and easy to make. I used a combination of old zucchini and new summer squash.

Savory Cheese Crusted French Toast – This was phenomenal. I prepped everything the afternoon before, which meant things went pretty quickly in the morning. The batter held up just fine in the fridge overnight. I skipped the parsley and used pecorino romano instead of parmesan as that’s just what I had on hand, but I don’t think that made a big difference. I served this with a simple fruit salad of peaches, blueberries and grapes  (all from my favorite orchard), roasted purple fingerling potatoes, and bacon. I cooked the bacon in the oven, on a cooling rack propped over the roasting pan with the potatoes. Super delicious, and all pretty simple to put together.