Kitchen Cure – Day 3

I’m participating in The Kitchen Cure for the next two weeks. I’ll track my progress here, and in this flickr set of before and after photos. Today’s assignment was to declutter and clean appliances, gadgets and tools.

The description above may be perfectly clear, but the text accompanying it caused me a bit of confusion as to what, exactly, we were supposed to tackle today. To me, “gadgets and tools” means all the various knives, measuring cups, spoons and the like. But in the post they mention, in passing, everything from Tupperware to flatware to baking equipment. But as I’m still running behind, I didn’t sweat it too much, and decided that tonight I’d tackle the drawers. There’s still food stored in a couple of cabinets I haven’t gotten to yet, but not in any large quantities and this seemed like a good way to divide things up in a sensible manner.

I didn’t get rid of too much stuff. A couple of broken things were thrown out, and I tossed some things into what I think of as “deep storage,” which I’ll go through at some point later in this process. I also moved a bunch of things around, sticking with the plan of trying to put infrequently used things in less convenient places, so that the stuff I use a lot can be easily grabbed.

I still have plenty more to do. Almost all of the cabinets, plus the stuff in the pantry/coat closet, as well as the countertops. Not to mention that I still need a better solution for my serving platters, which are currently in a plastic milk crate in the utility closet.

It’s tiring to think of it, but the results so far are worth it – something about the spic & span fridge is really very calming, and having an apron out has meant that every night since, I’ve put it on when I go in the kitchen. (At this rate, I will need more aprons!)

I’m getting the sense that all of the cleaning and decluttering is supposed to be done this week, but I don’t think that’s going to happen for me. And that’s fine – the very nature of the Kitchen Cure is that it breaks a huge, overwhelming task down into smaller components, getting you to focus on specific things. It’s gotten me on a track where I can keep going until I’m done, breaking it into even smaller chunks that work for me. 

In the meantime, I have a growing list of measurements for bins and baskets to organize things, and am mulling over options for something that can store my liquor, as the number of bottles has grown significantly in the last year, and it’s taking up too much space in the kitchen cabinet where it lives right now. This dovetails with something else that I may be changing that will displace the cookbooks, so the easiest solution is probably a small bookcase.

Anyway, here’s a look at the after of my spice drawer, which is where I spent the most time tonight. I am so glad to be able to arrange my spices in this way. I had long since overflowed the spice rack (that’s what all the circular bottles are from), and this allows me to more easily arrange things in ways that make sense to me. Not to mention the fact that it keeps the spices out of the sunlight and off of the countertop!

After: Spice Drawer