Kitchen Cure – Day 5

I’m participating in The Kitchen Cure for the next two weeks. I’ll track my progress here, and in this flickr set of before and after photos. Today’s assignment was to restock ingredients.

The Day 5 assignment is pretty self explanatory, and while there’s no real reason I couldn’t do it before finishing days 2-4, I didn’t get rid of so much stuff that I really need to replace anything urgently. I put a couple of things on my grocery list but that’s about it. Semi-related, I did make a dinner tonight that used ingredients from the “use soon” stuff in the freezer.

Tonight I just picked one area to focus on: the pantry/coat closet. I store my home-canned goods in here, so I went through and updated my inventory. I opened up my bin of canning supplies and neatened it up. And I took out the deep storage bin and gave the contents a hard look. Most of it actually stayed, but I do now have a small box of things to donate. A few other things were added to that bin, and it’s now on top of the cabinet over the fridge.