Kitchen Cure Day 8

I’m participating in The Kitchen Cure. I’ll track my progress here, and in this flickr set of before and after photos. Today’s assignment was to bring fresh flowers or a plant into the kitchen.

I was able to band-aid today’s assignment, so I did, just to say I finished it. Here’s a plant that I moved maybe 6 feet from where it was living on top of my stereo:

I got this out of the trash room on my floor a few weeks ago. I guess someone was moving out and couldn’t take their plants. Anyway, I need to keep this out of the cat’s reach, so plant on the breakfast bar is not really a long term solution. I do have some things I can use to hang it, so perhaps I’ll get a couple more small succulents and do that, though I wouldn’t hang it in the kitchen. It also needs to be re-potted into something with some drainage, though I do like how cheerful this little yellow thing is. I do at least have all the materials to do this, so it’s just a matter of time and charging the drill. (And avoiding one of the many walls that I can’t actually drill into.)

I also continued with the deep clean today, though I didn’t do much – just cleaned the inside of the microwave. There’s not much left to clean – the drawer under the oven, the breakfast bar, the cookbook shelf, and then the floor. That will not take long, but I needed to use most of my lunch break today (I’m working at home) to make lunches to take to work the next couple of days. The irony of the kitchen cure is that I’ve had very little time to cook.