Kitchen Cure Day 9

I’m participating in The Kitchen Cure. I’ll track my progress here, and in this flickr set of before and after photos. Today’s assignment was to cook yourself a meal.

Today’s assignment was kind of a gimme. While I did change what I was originally planning to make for dinner tonight, that was mainly due to how the cold and rain here today made me want pasta.


I also finished the deep clean tonight, wiping out the drawer under the oven, the shelves with the cookbooks, and clearing and cleaning the breakfast bar. I’ve only got an after shot of the latter, as the rest looks the same. I do still need to mop, but that doesn’t seem like deep cleaning to me. (I should be able to do it on Sunday or Monday, depending on how things go this weekend.)

After: Breakfast Bar

This leaves me with restocking ingredients, buying any new equipment, and the special project. I’m going to go ahead and declare restocking ingredients as done, because there’s only two things I got rid of that I need to replace, and neither is something I use even weekly.

The special project will require getting some sort of small bookcase or bar cart, most likely from Ikea. Which means I have to get to Ikea. And I won’t have much of a sense of how much money I have to go towards new equipment until after I’ve done that. (Though I did order some new oven mitts last night, since that was a very high priority and I needed to top off an Amazon order that had an add-on item I need for my Halloween costume.)

I also need to take care of putting that little succulent in a better home, and there is a plan for that, I just need to find the time to do it. Likewise I need to unload the serving dishes into their new spot, but that can happen next week. So, updates on this project will slow down a bit but I will still post proof when I’ve taken care of something!