Recent Recipes: Internet Edition

I haven’t been keeping a close track of recipes I’ve made lately, so this certainly isn’t everything, and probably duplicates things I’ve already posted about. But, it’s what I can come up with at the moment, and if nothing else hits the high points of the last few weeks. (And one low.)

Japanese Vegetable Pancakes
Labor-intensive but yummy. These are definitely not something you can turn into a main – you’ll want to serve them with an egg or two. I also had them with a small portion of simple noodles one day (I think it was something like udon with a bit of a soy sauce-based stir fry sauce). Note that you will want to try to make sure that the strips of veggies you make aren’t super long, it’ll be easier to make the pancakes that way. Oh, and I couldn’t find small cabbage, so I just increased the kale. Worked just fine.

Whiskey Peach Smash
Yeah, I know, peaches are basically gone now. But this was a great drink and easy to make. I used bourbon because that’s how I roll.

Blueberry Cobbler
Super easy and super delicious. Made with half peaches and half blueberres for a Labor Day party, this got lots of raves. Made with all blueberries for a chili cookoff, it got several votes in the “vegetarian chili” category. This works great with frozen blueberries, though you may need to add a few minutes to the cooking time to get the top to brown and set.

Broccoli Arugula Soup
Probably I have blogged this before, but it’s good and is a good way to use that head of broccoli you didn’t get to fast t enough, and is now kinda wilty. Works with arugula and with kale, fresh or frozen, wilted or crisp.

Zucchini Garlic Soup
I have almost certainly blogged this before, but I made it a bunch this summer and just gave the recipe to a coworker who needed a soup for a progressive soup party. People were dubious but everyone liked it. This is another one that doesn’t require your produce to be perfectly crisp and firm. Keep it in your back pocket next summer.

Savory Cheese-Crusted French Toast with Garlic and Parmesan
What else do you need to know? Fantastic brunch. I made the batter the night before and it held up great and was simple enough to prep the  next morning. Best served with coffee and bedhead.

Summer Squash Soup
I didn’t care for this. I think I omitted the coconut milk since it called for so little – maybe that was the problem. Whole time I was eating it I just felt like I should have made the zucchini garlic soup with my yellow squash.

Roasted Sweet Potato, Goat Cheese and Arugula Sandwiches
Oh, heavenly. To make the goat cheese spread, I used some peach & chipotle barbecue sauce that I needed to finish up, and omitted the honey since that brought some sweetness. Next time I might try mustard in the spread and bring the honey back in. I also found that tossing the sweet potato, olive oil, and salt in a bowl was easier to manage. This is quick work to prep if you have a mandoline, I just sliced them as thick as mine would let me. You will want a nice hearty bread with this – I got some sort of multi-grain, seeded wheat bread from Atwater’s that worked great. Ingredients hold up well in the fridge.

Slow Cooker Chicken Enchilada Soup
This was quite yummy. I doubled the beans and halved the chicken, and even then it felt like almost too much chicken. One thing to note if you also do this is that you will wan to increase the liquids, as the beans will soak some up. This will work fine with frozen chicken; if you do that I recommend using boneless thighs. I did not and found that the chicken fell apart so readily in the soup that I was picking small bones out of it all week. Oops.