Kitchen Cure Day 10

I’m participating in The Kitchen Cure. I’ll track my progress here, and in this flickr set of before and after photos. The final assignment was to begin planning a dinner party.

I didn’t start on the Day 10 assignment on Friday, but I’m not really including this in the remaining things to do. I have been thinking of having a small party, but I may wait until a bit farther into the fall or early winter. Things are still pretty busy on weekends right now.

What I did do this weekend was pick up a couple of small things from the organizing and tools list. I added a rack in the cabinet with plates to make them easier to get to, a little sponge holder thing so the sink area is neater, and my Ove Gloves arrived so I tossed the old oven mitts.

Here’s a look at the sink area. I put away the gloves and bottle scrubber, since they just clutter things up. What I’m most pleased with is the use of a truly vintage Ball canning jar as a dish soap dispenser. I got the jar a few weeks ago at a neighborhood yard sale, and wanted to put it to some use other than canning with it. I poked a hole through a used lid, threaded an old lotion bottle pump through, and held it all together with a canning ring that’s rusting on the inside but looks fine on the outside. The pump needs to be secured on the inside with some glue, but I haven’t dug out my glue yet to see what will work.

New Stuff: Sink