Recent Recipes – Internet Edition

Slow cooker Thai chicken soup
Quite yummy and super easy, especially if you just plop whole chicken breasts into the cooker and shred (and debone) them once they’re cooked. This does make it seem like there’s a ton of chicken in here, though. Next time I might cut back to one breast and increase the veggies. Which reminds me, I used chopped green beans instead of peas. Do be sure to keep the rice separate until you serve, otherwise it’ll soak up all the broth.

Miso sweet potato and broccoli bowl
Particularly fun to make with purple sweet potatoes. This was very simple to put together and so hugely delicious, I can’t even tell you. Very filling, too – a great lunch. Oh, I threw in half a can of chickpeas I had in the fridge, which was a good addition.

Roasted acorn squash with fresh greens, farro and feta
Very yummy! I treated this as a template, and made mine with wild rice served over arugula, used apple cider in place of the citrus in the dressing, and other salty cheeses I had on hand in place of feta. I also peeled the squash before roasting it (though some very casual searching shows that you can eat the peel on acorn squash if you are so inclined). Keep an eye on the oven, I found that the slices were done roasting in about 20 minutes.

Spaghetti squash with marinara
I didn’t follow a recipe for this, but I wanted to include it here. I’d never tried spaghetti squash before but it was very easy to prepare. I followed the guidelines here for microwaving it and getting the squash out, and then we topped it with a marinara sauce I’d made while it was cooking. That had probably the equivalent of one large italian sausage broken up into it, so for two people it was a mostly meatless meal, which I prefer. It was a really delicious and satisfying, without feeling heavy.