Recent Recipes – Cakes from Cookbooks

Araby Spice Cake with Lemon Glaze – The Joy the Baker Cookbook
This was very easy to make, and a big hit at a party – more than one person commented on how well the lemon went with the warmth of the spices. I did find that the glaze was runny, and it didn’t really coat the cake so much as it soaked in and ran off. Next time I’ll try to make the glaze a bit thicker, or perhaps it was that the cake wasn’t quite cool enough. Anyway, who cares. Delicious and I’ll totally make it again.

Spicy Carrot Cake with Lemon Swirl Frosting – The Betty Crocker Cookbook
I’ve made this before but it’s been a while. The cake is a variation they give on a recipe for spicy prune cake, and it is indeed very spicy for a spice cake. The frosting calls for lots of lemon, plus a little cream cheese. They’re a great pairing.

Mom’s Apple Cake – The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook (also online)
I did the variation in the comments of splitting it between two 9×5 loaf pans, which would have worked great. This also tasted great. But I will be tackling this one again as due to a series of unfortunate events completely unrelated to the recipe, I couldn’t get the dang things out of the pans without destroying them.