Toddler Art Smock

This was one of those projects that didn’t take much time at all when I was actually working on it, but there was a long stretch where I wasn’t working on it. Anyway, it’s done and I’m very happy with how it turned out. I haven’t heard the recipient’s opinion yet but he’s very well-mannered so I’m sure I’ll get a thank you when I see him this weekend.

Feb. 18: Toddler Art Smock

This is from One Yard Wonders. it’s very easy and doesn’t take much fabric at all – you could certainly put this together from large scraps and perhaps even fat quarters. I picked up the fabric a couple of summers ago at Jo Ann Fabrics, with a different project in mind, but it turned out to be too stiff for a blouse or skirt. Perfect for a smock though!

I did not do the finicky work of sewing the dozen narrow pockets for paint brushes and markers – I divided it up into three sections, the better to hold a variety of things.

The pattern calls for two packages of 1/4″ binding, but you barely need the second one. You can do the sides, back and bottom, as well as the neck, with one package. Then you need about 15″ for the pocket, and another 7″ or so for the tops of the side panels at the armpit. I tried using 1/2″ binding all around – that’s the purple you see on the pocket, sides at the armpit, and neck – but that was proving difficult to work with. This is all just to say that if you have leftover bias binding that will work with your color scheme, take a few minutes to play around and see what you can come up with.

Overall this was a pretty straightforward pattern to sew, and it came together quickly. Other kiddos I know will undoubtedly be receiving these once they are toddling.