Sewing Machine Cozy

Sewing Machine Cover

This project was one of those things that just kept getting put aside, in favor of more exciting things. I followed this tutorial on Make/Craft, which I had bookmarked a long time ago. I don’t have a dedicated space for sewing, so I liked the idea of a cover that would still let me access the handle. This has the added bonus of turning the machine – which tends to hang out on the corner of my desk when not into use – into something more aesthetically pleasing. I find that the very basic machine covers, which don’t have a stiff lining to them, look sloppy to me.

The tutorial was very easy to follow – basically you make a sandwich with your exterior and interior fabrics and a bit of quilt batting, quilt it however you like (I just did a few vertical lines, and I let the fabric pattern be my guide as to where I put them), put some bias binding on the edges and then add ties.

The exterior fabric is something I picked up at Stitch Lab in Austin in October of 2011. I have no idea what it is. The interior fabric is leftover Kona cotton from a quilt project, and the bias binding is a 1/4″ green, chosen because it didn’t clash horribly and I had a ton of it. The ribbon is ribbon I bought for some project that I never made.  The batting I also had on hand from the quilt project. So that means this was one of those fabulous fast and easy projects that was basically free, because everything was either leftover from another project, or purchased so long ago as to not count.

As I tend to do when following these type of design-your-own tutorials, I messed up the measurements somehow and it isn’t quite as long as I had wanted. If you try making this I would suggest that you cut it longer and wider than your measurements indicate you need – both to incorporate seam allowance (which I did try to do) and to allow for easier adjustments before you bind the edges. If I had this to do again, I would cut it larger, quilt it, see how it fit before I bound it, and then trim it as needed. This will also allow you some wiggle room should things shift around while you quilt, which will inevitably happen.

I’d also recommend that you don’t use 1/4″ binding. I did as that’s what I had hanging around in enough quantity to bind this, and as a result I have several spots where the fabric didn’t get caught in the binding. I tried to go in and fix this but it was too fiddly to do without ripping the entire thing apart, which I had no desire to do. So I hit the raw edges with some Fray Check and called it a day. I also didn’t bother to try to hide the edges of my ties under the  bias binding, though that would have been a nice touch.