Snow Day Sewing: Easy Zippy Pouch

Thanks to yet another snowstorm, my office was closed on Monday, and I was able to spend the entire day sewing. I made three different things, and discovered that I don’t have enough fabric for two other major projects. Oops. Anyway, you’re here for the finished stuff. Here’s one project, you’ll hear about the other two soon. (Or you can click through this one and look at photos of them on Flickr.)

March 17: Easy Zippy Pouch

I wasn’t intending to make this today, but I’d started off the morning by cleaning and oiling my machine (more below). It seemed like a good idea to start off with a quick and easy project that I wasn’t particularly invested in, just in case I’d caused any problems. As the change purse I’d been using lately has been pulling open and dumping change everywhere, I thought I’d whip up a replacement. I wound up making this Easy Zippy Pouch, minus the little ring.

As promised, it was quite easy and is a great project for smallish ends of fun material. I used stuff leftover from making some pillow covers (I don’t know what the fabric is or recall where I got it, but it’s been in my stash for well over a year), and a zipper in my stash. It is currently holding the $6+ of change that I’ve managed to amass lately. I didn’t think to try it, but I think it’s probably also a good size for cash and an ID.

If you like to make random little things like this, I highly recommend keeping a collection of zippers around. I get mine from zipit on etsy –  pick a length, and you can buy mixed lots of colors (which is what I do) or get a bunch of neutral ones if you don’t like your zips to be a design element. I’m starting to run out so I’ll be reordering again soon.

As mentioned above, I started off the day spending a few minutes cleaning and oiling my machine, which it definitely needed. I followed directions in the user manual, but there are tons of tutorials online. If you can’t find one for your exact machine, I don’t think it matters too much – ultimately the parts are pretty much the same. This did not take much time at all and was much easier than I’d anticipated. It’s hard to say if this has cured my problem with zigzag stitch locking up, but I did a bunch of zigzagging today and it seemed to hold up just fine. All you need is sewing machine oil; a small, stiff bristled brunch (a cheapo plastic paintbrush would work well) and a small screwdriver. You may have gotten some of this with your machine, but if you didn’t you can pick up the supplies anywhere that sells sewing notions.