Snow Day Sewing: Jewelry Roll

My sewing on the snow day didn’t wind up being at all what I’d planned, but that’s OK. I used up some odds and ends of fabric and made this jewelry roll from One Yard Wonders.

Jewelry Roll

This was a quick project, and the directions were fairly clear, though I do think the sample in the book could be better – it’s all done in the same print, so it’s not immediately obvious where the different pockets and seams are. The exterior blue fabric (click through the photo) is leftover from a baby gift, and the polka dots are remainders from my quilt. 

A note on this – you wind up sewing together lots of layers, and it gets very thick, particularly by the time you’re trying to close up the opening from turning it right side out. I think the thickness is good, as it’ll help protect your jewels. However I think if I make this again, I’ll try to cut down on that by adjusting the interfacing. This has you add interfacing to cover the wrong side of every single piece. I’d cut that down somehow, either by not facing the pocket linings, or by not bringing the interfacing all the way out to the edge, but ending it where the seam will hit. 

I made a couple of additions to this, probably most notably dividing the pockets. If you look closely, you can see the pink & white pocket is divided in half, and the blue & brown in three. I figure this way I can separate my earrings and necklaces from one another for further protection. I also topstitched around the edge of this as it seemed very puffy. 

I made one other quick project that day – a stack of almost a dozen makeup remover pads. I cut 2.5″ squares of flannel, doubled them up, and pinked the edges. Then I ran a zigzag across in one diagonal, and around the edges. They were super fast, particularly with a mat, rotary cutter and guide! (And they’d be even faster if I had a pinking blade for that cutter.) I had previously made some crocheted ones with kitchen cotton, but they proved to be too thick and a little too rough for taking off eye makeup. These are far more similar to the disposable cotton rounds I’ve been using, so I’m pretty sure I’ll be making more of them.