March 2014 Hatchery Tasting Box

My March box just arrived the other day – they had to re-send it because the original shipment never arrived. Because they don’t send tracking info (or even a shipment confirmation) I had no real way of knowing when to expect it. So I dutifully waited until April 1, confirmed that I had been charged, and then contacted customer service. They very painlessly made it right and the replacement box arrived much sooner than I anticipated. So the problem was easily rectified, but I really do wish they’d send out shipment information.

Anyway, I haven’t done anything with it yet, but here’s what I got:

April 7: March Hatchery Box

Left to right:

First impression – these samples look like a much better size to work with. My plan is to look at the recipes Hatchery provides and see what the producers suggest on their own websites as well, and then go from there. But I think some BBQ chicken is in my future…