May 2014 Hatchery Box

May Hatchery Box

From the right:

First impression and initial thoughts – I like the tube this spice rub came in, that will be much better for storage than the bags the others have come in. The salsa made me immediately think of the eggs and quinoa thing I made a while back, so I think I’ll make that again. The salt caramel syrup is pretty much begging me to make waffles for breakfast sometime very soon, though the recipe they provided for grilled peaches is also tempting.

I do wish that the Hatchery website made it easier to get to the product pages for the things they send out each month, like Ipsy does. I also wish they’d make more use of those pages and link out to the associated recipes, it involves a lot of searching to try and find the ones in each month’s guide, and I’m not always successful.