May 2014 Ipsy Bag

My second Ipsy bag arrived and came with some fun stuff! The theme was fresh picks, and the very first thing I used was the bag itself, which is a perfect size for all the various small things I like to carry around at conferences (tiny toothbrush, hand lotion, bandaids, nail file, hand sanitizer, etc).

May 2014 Ipsy Bag

I was pretty happy with my collection of products this month –

2 oz of Eva NYC Therapy Session Hair Mask – I’ve never tried a hair mask before – it’s basically a deep conditioner that you leave on for about five minutes and then rinse away. I used it and given that my hair is healthy and not dry, I’m not sure it did much of anything for me. I think my hair felt a bit softer that day, but it’s hard to tell because it’s so short. Could just be the placebo affect. I’ve left it in the shower though, and will probably try it again if I get in the pool sometime this summer.

One Pacifica Mineral Eyeshadow Duo in Duo #2: Moonbeam & Unicorn – These are a lavender and a cream color. They have a nice level of pigment and a bit of sparkle to them, but not too much. I liked how easily they went on, and layered over some eyeshadow primer (which I grudgingly admit does help quite a bit) it stayed on nicely through the course of a long work day. I did notice that quite a bit of it had fallen onto my cheeks and chest from application though, so be ready to have to dust yourself off.

Two .5 oz packets of Bare Foot Spa Professional Exfoliating Polish – Given the use of the words “bare foot,” I was initially very psyched about this as I thought it was a foot scrub, but it’s not. This is not to say that you can’t use it on your feet, but it’s very gentle, and as a result you can really use it anywhere.I have an exfoliating mitt, so I’m unlikely to buy a product like this for myself, but I liked this and I would consider it as a splurge, or if I ever do the pedicure party I’m idly thinking about throwing.

.5 oz of Jersey Shore Sun Sans Tan Anti-aging Sunscreen – This is an SPF 35 product that’s reef-safe and free of a long list of things like parabens. A quick patch test on my hand showed that this was very thick, a little gritty, and was going to leave a white cast unless I worked it in pretty well. I’ve set it aside to use on a hot and sunny day later this summer.

One tube of Olive Natural Beauty The Olive Lip Balm in Refreshing Rosemary – I’m pretty brand-loyal about most things, lip balm among them, but I liked this and would pick it up in the future if I saw it somewhere I normally do errands. The rosemary imparts the promised refreshing scent, and it went on smoothly and felt great on my lips.

So far I’m enjoying getting this each month – for $10 it feels like a good deal and it’s fun to see what I get and try some new things.