Tote bags into floor pillows

I recently turned two giant tote bags a friend got at a con into floor pillows!

Giant pillows

The bags are large (24″ wide) but only about 3″ deep. The project turned out to be extremely easy. We found a foam cushion roll that was the exact width of the bags, and the same size fabric was used for the handle and all the way around the sides and bottom, making it a snap to create a closed side that doesn’t look weird.

Per our measurements, it seemed like the cushion wouldn’t be quick thick enough, but it was, and it actually turned out that the extra length could fit inside the whole shebang with no problem.

I stitched one side of the handle to one side of the bag opening, unpicked the hem on the other side of the opening, and applied velcro to seal up the whole thing.This way she can easily unseal them to throw them in the wash if needed. Here’s a look at that side:

Giant pillow close up

This was a super fast project and also pretty satisfying to MacGuyver together. However, between the foam rolls and the velcro, total cost was probably close to $60, including shipping and taxes. So, not really a cheap hack, more a cool way to create a neat decorative element for her new apartment.