Recent Recipes

Red potato salad – From The Kitchn. This is a light and refreshing potato salad, but note that the flavor fades quickly, so it’s best served immediately (that or hold the olive oil and vinegar and dress each serving separately). I use rice vinegar instead of ponzu, so perhaps that’s why. I threw in some of my pickled radishes with this, which added a nice punch.

One pan farro with tomatoes – From Smitten Kitchen. I was craving something filling and pasta-like, and this fit the bill. Very easy and very delicious.

Carrot salad – A nice side dish. I found that it was nearly impossible to shred these on a box grater, though. As I don’t have a shredder for my food processor, I made strips with a vegetable peeler. This worked well, though it did take a while.

Carrot Ginger Soup – From the May/June issue of Cook’s Illustrated. This was really delicious and pretty easy to make. It calls for carrot juice, so I went to Whole Foods as I figured that was my best shot. They had so many cold cases with juice that it took me a while to finally spot the carrot juice – Odwalla has a bottle that’s exactly the right size for this recipe. Otherwise, on the shelf I spotted a 32oz bottle.

Tomatillo Salsa – From the July/August Cook’s Illustrated. This is a combination of roasted and raw tomatillos. Mine came out a little thicker than it looks like theirs did, but it was still pretty good. It has a slightly bitter finish and I thought was better as an accompaniment to something than as a dip. A vast improvement over whatever recipe I made last year that was so bitter it was inedible.