Fall Recipe Favorites

A few favorites to inspire you as the fall veggies take over.

Miso Sweet Potato and Broccoli Bowl – So good, and so easy! (Especially if you skip the sesame seeds.) I toss in a can of drained & rinsed chickpeas. This is an awesome lunch.

Thai-Spiced Pumpkin Soup Recipe – There are a lot of squash soups out there, but this is one I’ve made a ton of times. I make it with acorn squash. It’s a super quick dinner if you roast the squash ahead of time (it’ll keep in the fridge). I do find that it’s a very thick sauce, and benefits from adding some water or a light broth. Served with some toasted sourdough, this is a great comfort meal.

Southwestern Stuffed Acorn Squash – Another delicious use for squash. You can also chop and roast the squash, and serve it that way. That’s a bit easier to deal with if you want to bring this for lunch. I’ve also riffed on this with a different flavor profile just by swapping out the spices.

Slow Cooker Thai Chicken Soup – I haven’t tried this, but you could also sub in baked or pan fried tofu in place of chicken. And in that case make it on the stove top. (I’d start by softening the onion and pepper, add the ginger just until it’s fragrant, and then add the ingredients for the broth.)

Slow Cooker Chicken Enchilada Soup – Yum! Once again, I haven’t done this, but you could easily make this veggie with the addition of more beans, and/or adapt it for the stove top.

Orzo with Caramelized Fall Vegetables and Ginger – Quite tasty and a great thing to bring to a party. Lots of chopping, but otherwise not too bad. Do note that the way this is written, it calls for a huge skillet – probably larger than you have. Rather than pushing things aside and adding more to the skillet, I remove things as they’re cooked, and try to do it in batches so that the pan’s not crowded, allowing things to actually brown. At the end, combining everything together in the same pan is a challenge. You can either carefully soldier on, or switch to a dutch oven so you have room to stir. (In which case, you might as well either cook the pasta in that, or use it to saute to begin with.)

Tomato, Rice and Andouille Soup – I make this with chicken sausages that have been flavored with andouille or chorizo spices. That carries most of the flavor, so if you sub in some other kind of sausage, just be aware that you may need to add some additional spices (in which case I recommend riffing off of whatever is in your sausage).

Turkey Corn Chili – A tasty and pretty easy chili from a Rachel Ray cookbook, using ground turkey. Not a chili for the chili obsessed, but a great lunch and it freezes well. This one, using leftover Thanksgiving turkey, is pretty similar. Also, this is a great excuse to make corn bread, in case you need one.