Summer Canning Update: Part 2

I’m writing this in the fall, but since almost everything I’m about to list involves peaches, we’re going to call this a second summer canning update. (Here’s the first.) Most of these are from recipes I’ve found online.


Fresh Peach Chutney – This makes more than the 2.5 cups the recipe claims, which I forgot, so I doubled it, and now have twice as much as I usually need to get me through the year. Oh well! I think the only way I’ve ever served this is with pita chips at a party. It is my go-to “I do not have time to make anything” contribution. Hopefully my friends like it as much as I do! This also freezes beautifully, for those of you who don’t like to can. And while I’ve never tried it, I think this would work well with frozen peaches, too.

Bourbon Peach Sauce – I made this a couple of years ago and it was delightful, so I made it again. It’s lovely warmed up over some vanilla ice cream, but I must remember to try it with pound cake this year, too.

Peach Shrub – Drinking vinegar might seem like a really odd thing to keep around, until you consider that it’s great diluted into some club soda (with or without bourbon). I’ve been enjoying some ginger shrub I bought last year, and have been wanting another flavor to keep on hand – but this type of artisan cocktail ingredient stuff is pricey, so I thought I’d try makign this. Super easy! It’s very syrupy, so requires a bit of stirring or shaking, and a little more tart than I would like — a problem easily enough addressed by the addition of a little bit of basil infused simple syrup to my glass.

From my books, I made the Grape Tomato Spread from Preserving by the Pint,  which is stored in the freezer. The tomatoes are roasted with garlic and herbs, and then turned into a chunky spread in the food processor. I think this will be nice on a pizza or served on bread with some soup.

Lastly, I made more peach jam from the Pomona’s Pectin book, and another round of dilly beans from the Ball canning book (though only half the intended yield, as the beans sat for much longer than intended before I canned them, and about half had to be chucked).

Lest you think I am done canning for the year…fear not. I haven’t even touched apples or pears yet, and there’s a quart of plums on my counter.