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Roasted Chicken Thighs with Green Tomatoes – Very tasty and super easy! I changed the flavor profile a bit, using white wine vinegar in place of sherry, and using extra garlic in place of the ginger. I served it over some freekeh, but I think brown or wild rice would work well, too. I’ll certainly make this again, but will double the tomatoes. And now that I think about it, I bet that this would be a great side dish without the chicken.

Salmon Bulgogi with Avocado-Mango Salsa – Handsome and I made this using the Southern Art Original Korean BBQ Sauce from the September Hatchery box. It was quite tasty, though we agreed that the salmon didn’t seem to get much flavor from the sauce. In looking back at this, in the photos it’s clear that they brushed some additional sauce on after this came out of the oven, something we did not do (and which is not included in the recipe). This sauce is a little thinner than the one used in the recipe, but I think I liked it better.

Steak Bulgogi Lettuce Wraps – I had enough of the above Korean BBQ sauce left for two servings of this recipe. I used about 4oz of steak and served it as a rice bowl, with shredded carrot, lettuce, basil and scallion. Quite tasty!

Thai Grilled Steak Salad – Since I had skirt steak around for the lettuce wraps, I wanted to try another recipe the next night. I used this for reference more than steps to follow – I took 4oz of steak (already sliced) and marinated it for a a while in 1 TB each fish sauce and lime juice, and a small squirt of agave nectar. I pan fried it and served it over a mix of rice, scallion, shredded carrots, lettuce, basil and tomatoes. This was also pretty yummy.

Lastly, Handsome used the Liber & Co. Pineapple Gum Syrup I got in the August Hatchery box to make two cocktails: a Pineapple Sage Daiquiri and a Pisco Punch (I forget if that’s the exact recipe he used for the punch, but I think it’s very similar if it’s not). Both were pretty tasty, though we were in agreement that the daiquiri was a little unbalanced and could use some tweaking in the next round.

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