November Hatchery Box

My November Hatchery box arrived the yesterday! I am still very much enjoying this, even as I don’t quite manage to keep up with using the samples. If you’re in need of a gift idea for someone who loves to cook as much as I do, I cannot recommend this enough. You can give a tasting box subscription as a gift, and if you use the code HOLIDAY20 you’ll get 20% off. They also sell full sizes of all of these delicious things (not to mention that I’ve seen some of the items I’ve gotten in this box pop up in stores that I’ve been in, which is really neat).

Anyway. On to November. Not a very good photo this  month, too bad for you.

November Hatchery Box

Charleston Gourmet Burger Co.’s Original Burger Marinade – I can’t think of the last time I made a burger at home, but the suggested recipe involves caramelized onions and brie, so I think this will be happening.

Saucey Sauce Co.’s Brown Sugar Ginger Glaze – Sounds delicious to me! The suggested recipe of chicken wings is very appealing, because chicken wings are great. But I think I might try this on tofu. If I marinade it and then bake it, that should be pretty tasty over some brown rice with veggies, and will be a great lunch. I am eating a lot more meat than usual these days, but lately I do find myself trying to come up with meatless uses for some of these samples.

Savour This Kitchen’s Merchant Spice BlendBaked chickpeas! What a good idea. That will be happening and if they’re good, I’ll have an excellent use for some of these other spice rubs that are stacking up.

Jam Lab’s Peach & Mint Jam – You guessed it, this will go in oatmeal or yogurt. Though the suggested idea is to make a compound butter with it and put it on pancakes, and Handsome does make good pancakes…hm…

Mustard & Company’s Garlic Dill Mustard – I like the suggestion of using this on roasted potatoes – this way I can serve them as a side to some protein involving another Hatchery sample and not feel like the flavors are competing too much. Maybe it’s just how they’re cut, but those look more like oven roasted fries than potato salad to me. I think I feel a burger night coming on.

Saucy Sisters’ Rum Away With Me  Boozy Caramel Sauce – Unfortunately, this leaked in transit. Fortunately, the jar wasn’t cracked so I just rinsed it off with hot water and stuck it in the fridge. Seems like something that would be good on a baked apple.