Recent Recipes: Hatchery Edition

There’s still far more in the drawer than I’ve managed to use, but that’s OK.

Gourmegg Classy Classic Gourmet Seasoning  We’ve had this in eggs a couple of times. It’s quite good, adding an aromatic, herby touch and just the right amount of salt.

Golden Bay Chutney Mild Tomato Chutney – I wound up using this on a grilled cheese, which was a delicious decision. I don’t normally put things in my grilled cheese but this added a great slightly acidic, savory note that was a good contrast with the creaminess of the cheese. This is something I’d consider purchasing. I’ve also made a mental note to perhaps make a tomato chutney next summer.

Greenpoint Trading Co. Roasted Garlic Pepper – This was pretty good. I used it to marinade some chicken, which I roasted over potatoes. I also put some on top of the chicken as a rub and in the potatoes. That was a little much- it was harsh on the potatoes. Great on the chicken, though.

Reginald’s Homemade Nana Honey Peanut Butter – I had this in some yogurt. Quite tasty!

Ft. Greene Farms Charred Sriracha – I didn’t quite make the Honey-Sriracha Glazed Brussels Sprouts recipe with this, but I used that as my inspiration. I mixed the srirarcha with some brown sugar and a bit of olive oil, and then  added it to sauteed brussels sprouts and cooked for just a couple more minutes. Very, very yummy. This is another thing I’d purchase. I’d have to do a head-to-head to describe the differences, but the flavor profile of this roasted sriracha is is different than regular stuff, which is fermented.

Southern Okie Gourmet Peach Spread – Delicious, as peach jam always is. I enjoyed it in oatmeal.