The Month In Books & Year End Review

December 2014:

I read 38 books this year (same as 2010), which works out to one every week and a half or so. That feels about right. I continued to read a lot of magazines this year, though I have cancelled a couple of subscriptions, and I read a ton of stuff on the Internet. If Pocket’s analytics are correct, I’ve read just over 1.1 million words through their service alone, which they say is the equivalent of 25 books. I have definitely read a lot online this year – as online content is wont to be, it’s easy to consume a couple of posts or articles when I have a few minutes, and from pretty much anywhere.

I didn’t set a goal for number of books to read this year – instead I deemed it the year of the re-read, with the idea that I might re-read one book a month. Ha! I re-read four books this year: The Handmaid’s Tale, The Redbreast, Gone Girl, and Mansfield Park.

Thirty of the 38 were ebooks. Of the remainder, most came from the library and a couple were physical galleys I picked up at an ALA conference. (Almost half of the books read in print were book club picks.) Just over half of the ebooks came from the Maryland Digital eLibrary Consortium. The only e-galley (and only cookbook) I read this year was My Paris Kitchen, which I didn’t finish because it was so poorly formatted.

Only a handful of five-star reviews this year (though there were lots of fours): Ajax Penumbra 1969, My Notorious Life, Longbourn, The Art Forger, Someone, The Handmaid’s Tale.

Breakdowns by type (there is overlap here):

  • 13 for bookclubs (this must be the magic bookclub number, it’s the same as the last four years)
  • 28 works of fiction
  • 10 works of nonfiction
  • 3 I didn’t finish (The Secret Life of Pronouns, The Longest Date, My Paris Kitchen)

Monthly breakdown:

  • 5 books: February, April,
  • 4 books: January, March,
  • 3 books: July, August, September, October
  • 2 books: May, June, November, December

I’m not sure there’s as much of a pattern here as there was last year, except to say that it always seems the first part of the year is quieter than the summer, fall, and holiday season.